Web Development

We develop websites that are both functional and easy to navigate. There are many aspects taken into account when deciding on how many graphical images to include and what kind of technology (coding) to use for each type of website.

We have developed numerous websites using basic HTML, PHP, ASP and other coding. The vast majority of businesses demand a website that has a content management system, such as the WordPress platform. This means that you are able to update most of the website content yourself.

All graphic files are optimised for fast downloading and websites are designed with future expansion and updating in mind.

When we develop a new website the task is done over three stages:

FORM – is the design stage. Very important to get the right ‘look-and-feel’

FUNCTION – means that a website should be easy to navigate, the content should be brief, concise and relevant, yet contain sufficient detail about your services or products.

ACCESSIBILITY – This stage is usually the most important !
Making sure prospects can find your website via a search engine. The algorithms used by search engines are the formulas used to rank certain keywords. We understand what needs to be done in order to achieve high ranking. We can assist you in getting your website ranked highly which will result in additional hits to your website.

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